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XCENT Performance - Compact Sedan | Hyundai India

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  • Blue Elantra is placed in front of a building with white color


    Thrilling, powerful and fuel-efficient !

Exceptionally dynamic

Its limit-optimized capabilities deliver driving as powerful as smooth for a dynamic experience without equal.



Ride & Handling

Full view of front and rear suspension

Aerodynamic design

The aerodynamic design of the new XCENT together with unique wheel Air curtains help to achieve low *Cofficient of Drag (Cd) and ensure stable ride

Full view of 6-speed automatic transmission

Gear shift indicator

The digital gear shift reminder recommends optimum gear so as to extract maximum mileage

Full view of 6-speed manual transmission

6-speed manual transmission

Experience smoother performance and a greater sense of speed with increased durability of Elantra's lightweight design and a new "Reverse" gear release button for easier operation


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