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Hyundai celebrates the #TheDriveWithin with the true stories of Women Cricketers

To say that cricket is popular in India would be an understatement. More than just a sport, it unites the entire nation. People follow cricket with so much fervour, every match is like a festive occasion.

This Women’s Day, India’s trusted automobile brand is here with a powerful message: all you need is the drive within to make your dreams come true. This message is put across in four inspiring videos based on the life stories of four women cricketers from the Indian team: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Taniyaa Bhatia and Jemimah Rodrigues. What is interesting is that all these players took a different route to achieve their dream - to represent India on the world stage.

Indian women cricketer's true story

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For Smriti Mandhana it was a choice that she had to make early in life. To pursue academics or to go down the pitch and hit the ball out of the park. She chose the latter with no assurance other than her mother’s constant support.


For Shafali Varma it was quite an uphill battle. Coming from a small town in Haryana, she had no access to sports facilities or coaching centres. All she had was her will to play with the boys and prove her mettle. And she did that with great elan.


For Taniyaa Bhatia it was the case of turning a perceived shortcoming into her greatest asset. It enabled her to be a competent wicketkeeper. Again, the support of her parents all through her journey was instrumental in helping her realize her dream.


The story of Jemimah Rodrigues is a clear example of how failures can often become the steppingstones to success. Overcoming early rejection, she willed her way to the team backed by her determination and faith in her ability.

All these true stories are brought alive in short biopics under the umbrella of #TheDriveWithin. Set to a catchy track, the videos give a glimpse of the cricketers’ childhood, how they fought the odds, took failures in their stride, and kept going till they made their place in the Indian cricket team. Powerful just like the cricketers’ drive, the videos showcase real struggle, real grit, real courage and fit perfectly with the International Women’s Day theme #BreakTheBias. Emotional and inspiring, Hyundai’s #TheDriveWithin campaign is sure to speak to those on the field and off it.

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