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Because We Care

At the heart of Hyundai’s vision, there is instilled a deep sense of care. We are all together in this journey of life and what we endure together as humanity matters just as much as how we react to it. This our fight too and we are in it together with you. In these times, we are reaching out to do what matters the most right now.


Hope is Not Lost


With all the crisis and struggle, it is easy to get lost in a world filled with doubt and fear. These days may bring out our weaknesses and make us feel vulnerable. But even as we feel all hope is lost, strength emerges out of those little acts of kindness. People are taking out time to piece together resources, going the extra mile every day to help each other.



In times of despair we often lose hope amidst the chaos, but it is also times such as these that brings out the best of humanity with in us all. We have redeployed our resources and channelled our efforts to provide relief during these difficult circumstances. We are organizing these resources on a war footing and hope to help in abating this crisis.

Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd

What Matters the Most


All life is precious, be it the frontline warriors working tirelessly night and day to every family in affliction right now. What matters the most is life. And the priceless air that breathes life. We are here in every sense, to do what is right for humanity. So Hyundai has come forward with initiatives to help save lives.


Because oxygen is the most critical need of the hour, we will set up Oxygen Generating plants in hospitals, to aid critical patients and help hospitals become self-sufficient in oxygen. We will also Install Medicare Facilities and provide support staff to various hospitals & help run them for the next three months.


The ongoing crisis affects each and every one of us. As a community, as a nation and as humanity, we are all in it together. Since the start of the second wave, our thoughts and prayers have been with the affected families and our actions are echoing these emotions.

Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd

To ensure we help societies and communities tide over this crisis, we are doing everything in our capacity to provide immediate relief. Lifesaving Medicare Oxygen equipment are currently in absolute demand while their suppliers as well as supply chains are seemingly stretched thin. Despite this challenge, we relentlessly strived to ensure the procurement and immediate delivery of these precious lifesaving medical equipment to highly affected states and cities in India. Lifesaving Medicare Oxygen equipment to be delivered to most affected COVID-19 states includes:
. Oxygen Concentrators: 700
. High Flow Oxygen (HFO) Plants: 10
. High Flow Nasal Oxygen (HFNO) machines: 200
. BiPap Ventilator Machines: 225

We are in it Together

Since the onset of this Pandemic, we were quick to respond, especially because timely intervention was of the utmost importance. We began with multiple programs and initiatives that focussed on helping societies to manage the crisis.

From distribution of Masks, Sanitizers, Dry Rations and COVID-19 Testing Kits to Public Health Initiatives such as ‘Sparsh Sanjeevni’, we reached out to communities in need with these far reaching efforts that penetrated even remote regions of the country. We mobilized a mobile primary healthcare clinic with a doctor on board and equipped it with testing facilities for spot diagnostic tests. Further, to drive higher employability amongst affected sections, we began a program called ‘Saksham’ that is specifically up skilling youths to open up greater work avenues for them.

Hyundai also Demonstrated its solidarity with the government by organizing a 3-Day vaccination camp for its staff aged above 45 years, through the office of the Sriperumbudur Government Primary Health Centre. The company has been promoting vaccination awareness amongst its employees and will continue to pursue this initiative for the remainder of its staff, in its efforts to overcome the pandemic.


Telemedicine Project:
The project aims to provide access to quality healthcare and specialized doctors through Video Conferencing and basic tests to people in rural areas at an affordable cost through Telemedicine Clinics. There are 12 Telemedicine Clinics located across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Around 10,923 people have taken consultation at Telemedicine Clinics in 2022-23.

Mobile Health Unit

Mobile Health Unit (MHU):
The project is ensuring accessibility & availability of quality primary healthcare services to underprivileged community at their doorstep. One MHU is running currently in Alwar district, Rajasthan. The Mobile Health Unit has provided consultation to 9251 people in 2022-23.


Back to School:
HMIF’s Back to School Project has ensured regular sanitization of schools to make them safer place for children to study and counselling sessions were conducted to bring students back to school. Other activities were also conducted like distribution of reusable cotton cloth masks for continuing COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, regular COVID screening & monitoring of school staff and creation of "Hygiene Ambassador” by training senior school students to become ambassadors for awareness.
The project reached out to 1,87,500 students from 1250 schools across 28 states in India.

Pond restoration

Pond Restoration:
HMIF is undertaking eco-restoration of 3 ponds in Gurugram, Haryana to recharge ground water and ensure environment sustainability. The project will ensure recharge of 93 million litres of ground water, 2550 tons of carbon sequestration and production of 84 tons of oxygen.


Hyundai Motor India Foundation is maintaining Open Space Reserved (OSR) land in SIPCOT Industrial park, Tamil Nadu. 12.16 acres of dry land has been converted into a venerable forest. HMIF has planted 5000 indigenous trees, introduced nursery, vegetable cultivation and vermicomposting unit in the OSR Land.
The project was highlighted to Tamil Nadu State Government during "Green Tamil Nadu Mission" announced by Chief Minister on 2nd September, 2022. 15 families from Irrungattukottai community have also been supported for livelihood opportunities.

go green

Go Green Project:
The project aims to protect environment through subsistence of farmers by restoring the natural environment, increasing soil fertility, creation of livelihood opportunity and strengthening the unity of the local community. The project is being implemented in 5 Districts of Tamil Nadu and was initiated in 2011. Over the years the project has made the following impact:
1. Mobilized carbon credit of about 20,000 tonnes
2. Covered 90 Villages
3. Formed 157 farmers group and benefitted 390 farmers
4. Planted 2,00,000 trees
5. Transformed 1,250 acres of dry lands to cultivatable land

mobile medicine

Mobile Youth Library and Science Labs :
Mobile Youth Library and Science Labs, is a new initiative launched by HMIF to provide access to quality education in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. The vans are equipped with 500 books, 100 experiments, an instructor, and 2 librarians who will engage students in the schools through reading sessions and live science experiments suited for students from 6th to 9th standard—the experiments span across scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Additionally, school teachers will be trained to conduct these experiments to continue the experience in absence of the van.

As quoted by Mr. Unsoo Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Limited
“Youth are the future of our country and we are aware of the lack of access to quality education faced by rural youth. Hyundai is committed to empowering children through education as a youth-centric and socially responsible brand. This program is aimed at promoting the intellectual growth and creativity of students by exposing them to a variety of information resources beyond their curriculum. We are sure that the program will help reform rural education and increase accessibility to hands-on learning, embodying our company’s global vision of Progress for Humanity.”