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Powering Thoughtful Social Innovation

Over the passage of time, humanity has progressed through inventions and discoveries that have brought us closer to a better future. And just like the unending possibilities of dreams, progress too can be infinite. All we need to do is give wings to the ideas that have a meaningful impact for society, for communities, for humanity.

A Brighter Tomorrow


Across the vast ocean of humanities hopes and dreams, there lie innumerable possibilities just waiting to be realized, to be fulfilled for a brighter tomorrow. At Hyundai, our vision and beliefs remind us that we are here to do the right thing for humanity.

So, we aspired to become the force that drives the dreamers and innovators of tomorrow, leading us to Progress, for Humanity. We began with a simple and effective thought in mind, to give a voice to the dreams of young minds from across the nation. Our efforts culminated in the creation of a platform that would empower the youth of today to present their solutions and ideas for a better tomorrow. And so, H-Social Creator was born.


A social innovation program, H-Social Creator was first instituted by Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea in 2015. Drawing inspiration from our headquarters, we decided to bring H-Social Creator to India in 2019.

The core focus of H-Social Creator was to drive innovation that would further propagate a social transformation. We believe that the youth of India have an immense potential to identify societal issues and develop innovative yet practical solutions.

Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd

As the industry’s first youth contact program, H-Social Creator has been intricately crafted to nurture talent and give wings to the future social innovators and thinkers. This platform hence allows the Youth of India to develop a novel idea based on any of these four categories:

Innovation that matters


Inspired by our vision ‘Progress for Humanity’, H-Social Creator brings together some of the most innovative minds in the country to select ideas that trigger the most meaningful change for people and communities.


A finalist of 2020, Mr. Bhagwati Prasad who hails from the quaint city of Dehradun came before an eminent jury with a simple yet greatly meaningful solution to make roads safer for people across the nation. His noble thought was to create an accident alert system for Blind Turns.

His idea involves capturing data at blind turns and transmitting it on a real time basis to the drivers thereby averting accidents. In addition, display boards a programmed to issue an alert for approaching drivers about oncoming traffic, thereby aiming to reduce accidents and promote safer roads for citizens.


Embracing the vision ‘Progress for Humanity’, we are working towards creating an amicable ecosystem to realise the dreams of mankind. With H-Social Creator we aim to engage future leaders to ideate, develop, and implement practical solutions that affect social change, bringing to fruition a better and brighter tomorrow for the generations to come.

Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd

h socil

The eminent Jury members and Mentors, handpicked for H-Social Creator 2020,who collectively induced years of experience and expertise, selected Mr.Bhagwati’s solution as the winning idea for 2020. A sum of Rs. 15 lakhs from Hyundai Motor India Foundation as seed capital, will be invested to help him bring to fruition the novel idea for better and safer roads for all.

Similarly, in 2019 H-Social Creator facilitated two novel ideas that would bring about meaningful change for society and communities. H-Social Creator powered the dreams of two young bright minds from Tamil Nadu – Ms. Tamil Selvi and Mr. N Sivakumar. Mr. Sivakumar envisioned the creation of a solution that can be easily installed, to create compost from the waste produced in houses, restaurants and malls thereby enhancing and promoting sustainable living. While, Ms. Selvi brought to the fore a solution that would help save lives by reducing accidents. The idea simply focussed on reduce headlight intensity of automobiles using a sensor and thus preventing drivers from being overwhelmed by the intensity of light.


The social innovation sphere in India has witnessed immense growth over the last decade. H-Social Creator has become a catalyst for social transformation and will continue to serve as a platform to fulfil the vision of Progress for Humanity. Thus inculcating capabilities in our Future Generations, to overcome uncertainties and devise solutions for a better tomorrow.

As a socially responsible brand in India, Hyundai will continue to foster new talent, equipping them with the right mentorship and breathe life into their dreams, bringing to fruition a brighter future for humanity

Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd