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So, How do you welcome a grand new member to the Hyundai SUV family?

With style! As a way to welcome their newest member the 4 members of the Hyundai SUV family, CRETA, VENUE, KONA, and TUCSON, executed a unique expedition to the Rann of Kutch.


Rann Of Kutch Where Land Kisses The Sky

Taking the trip down to the picturesque desert of Gujarat, the four SUVs made their way to this land full of vibrance, that comes adorned in many sparkling colours and with immense cultural richness. Rann of Kutch is also known as the Great Rann, is a remarkable place. This is one of the world’s largest salt deserts & it makes one realize how even barren landscapes can be so eye catching.

One of the best ways to enjoy the divine beauty of the white plains is to see it when it reflects the moonlight at night. It is the second-largest district only after Ladakh, attracting people from India and the world every year. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas in the world. Many small villages in the Kutch district are engaged in art and craft business, making some of the finest handcrafted items and artifacts which go on sale during the Rann Utsav.


The Rann of Kutch offers a different kind of adventure for SUV lovers. Every year, from various parts of the country the auto brands and SUV lovers like to take their wheels on to explore the salt rough grounds. The four Hyundai SUVs were ready for the challenge.


Driving through a commanding trail set on the salt marsh testing the limits of this off beat off-roading experience.

This trail was the best designed to welcome the New SUV Hyundai ALCAZAR

To create something big, the CRETA, VENUE, TUCSON & KONA Electric were geared up and were ready to explore the Rann of Kutch like never before.
The salt marsh of the Thar Desert is made of a very peculiar surface. And it was time for the Hyundai SUVs to go from driving on normal roads driving across the desert.



The Glorifying Story


The strong SUV line-up has helped to create memories for numerous people, over the years. Memories that will last forever and to welcome the grand new member, these four SUVs went out to create a larger-than-life branding experience in one of the largest salt deserts in the world. Given the different hard surfaces, tempestuous climate and popular sunrise and sunset, it is the perfect trail for our SUVs to handcraft a never done before tire track name writing.


The whole event proved challenging and required SUVs with outstanding performance, precise handling, a proven powertrain, excellent driving stability to cope in the rough surface conditions while creating an elaborate bigger message. Perfect synchronization and driving range up to ~350km were required to perform the tire track writing. So the Hyundai SUVs - CRETA, VENUE, TUCSON, KONA Electric driven by experts were the ideal choice for performing the grand message choreography

The 4 Hyundai SUVs performed the first expedition in forming the largest ALCAZAR name on the ground of Rann of Kutch stretching up to 1 Km in length.

This has helped to demonstrate not just the strong SUV line-up, but also allowing the SUVs to give a glorious welcome to their newest SUV tribe member.

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