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Air Filter - Genuine Parts

Air Filter

The engine air filter removes dust and other foreign matter from the air and reduces air intake noise.

Genuine Parts Air Filter

  •  Genuine Parts Air Filter Function and Mechanism

    Function and Mechanism

    The engine needs an exact mixture of fuel and air in order to run. All of the air enters the system first through the air filter. This catches the dirt and other foreign particles in the air, preventing them from entering the system and possibly damaging the engine.

  • Genuine Parts Air Filter on box

Genuine Parts Air Filter detail

Air Filter

Air Filter are the essence of a breezy driving environment Dust and other roadside impurities are filtered Improved evaporator's heat exchange ability and durability.
Filters with ordinary felt cannot effectively filter out dust and cannot protect the passenger's health, on the other hand genuine filters use verified filter papers to sort out impurities and dust effectively, thus being able to protect vehicles parts and its passengers.