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Brake Pad - Genuine Parts

Brake Pad

The brake pad grips the disc Brake to produce a stopping force.

Genuine Parts Brake Pad

  •  Genuine Parts Brake Pad Function and Mechanism

    Function and Mechanism

    Brake pads are steel backing plates with friction materials bound to the surface that faces the disc brake rotor. It transmits the pressure applied to the brake pedal to the wheels and stops or decelerates the motion of the vehicle.

  • Genuine Parts Brake Pad on box

Genuine Parts Brake Pad detail

Brake Pad

- Break pads Major component in the braking system
- Break pads hold brake discs with friction
- Optimal coefficient of friction
- Nature friendly with non-asbestos friction material.
- Sustained Vehicle durability.

Fake Pads, show problems as pads separated from back plates, such separation may result in severe braking system malfunction and cause traffic accidents.