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Fuel Filter - Genuine Parts

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter prevents the fuel pump from clogging and malfunctioning by removing impurities such as dust and steel particles.

Genuine Parts Cabin Air Filter

  • Genuine Parts Fuel Filter Function and Mechanism

    Function and Mechanism

    The fuel filter prevents abrasion inside cylinders, particularly in the upper sections.
    If the fuel filter is not replaced regularly, it may become clogged with contaminants and cause a restriction in the fuel flow, causing a significant drop in engine performance.

  • Genuine Parts Fuel Filter on box

Genuine Parts Fuel Filter detail

Fuel Filter

Sort our impurities and humidity from fuels
- Purifying gasoline and diesel.
- Prevent fuel system breakdowns and malfunctions
- Help Smooth Engine Operations
- Impurities may enter the engine due to the low filtration rate if fakes are used.
- This may cause injectors to be blocked and result in faulty startups or engine shut down.
- Engine damage may lead to severe accidents.