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  • White IONIQ front view

    IONIQ Electric

    True European style

Custom comfort

Impeccable mastery of materials and forms to achieve absolute and luxury, above its class.

Full view of cockpit area

Charged with purity
and simplicity

The generous interior of IONIQ Electric is exquisitely crafted with distinct design purity.

Copper car seat White car seat

Seat color



Eco-friendly materials

Sit yourself in the driver's seat and experience the ultimate comfort
with modern detailing and tactile delight.

  • Rear seats folded

    Seat folding system

    The rear seats are foldable in a 6:4 ratio for additional cargo space.

  • Front seat ventilation system illustrated

    Front ventilated seats

    Stay cool and refreshed all summer with the 3-level controlled wind circulation embedded into the front seats.

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