Driving & Safety

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Continuing the GRANDEUR tradition of quality in the GRANDEUR Taxi

  • GRANDEUR Taxi Deluxe VIP Package KRW 29,150,000
  • GRANDEUR Taxi Deluxe Max output 235 Ps / 6,000 Rpm
  • GRANDEUR Taxi Deluxe Max torque 28.6 Kgm / 4,500 Rpm

LPi 3.0 engine and 6-gear automatic transmission

Experience excellent fuel efficiency and powerful driving performance.

In addition to the strengthened chassis, the emergency fastening device and knee airbag for the driver seat offer enhancement in safety.

Private (Ion Silver) Private (Ion Silver)

Hyundai Smart System

  • Highway Driving Assist
    Highway Driving Assist This system controls the speed of the vehicle and keeps it from going outside its lane using the navigation system and a variety of information, including distance from the car in front, lane information, and speed limit.
  • Lane Keeping Assist
    Lane Keeping Assist Uses front radar and sensors to detect the boundaries of the lane. When the system detects impending lane departure, it takes control of the steering to keep the vehicle in the lane. Drivers can choose one of the following: lane departure warning, lane keeping system, or proactive steering aid.
  • Forward Collision-avoidance Assist
    Forward Collision-avoidance Assist Detects and warns the driver of critical situations where there is a possibility of the vehicle crashing into another car or hitting a pedestrian. It does this by analyzing the signals sent by the front-mounted radar and camera. The system can act autonomously to avoid a collision.
  • Driver Attention Warning
    Driver Attention Warning Classifies driving behaviors into five levels and warns the driver with push notifications and chimes to take a rest when a potential lack of driver attention or drowsiness is detected.
  • Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go
    Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go Automatically adjusts the car’s speed to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. If the vehicle infront comes within three seconds of your car's stopping distance, the system activates and provides automatic speed and distance control.
Chassis strength improved / 9-airbag system

Application of a hot stamping technique and structural adhesives to the lightweight chassis was performed throughout car design to ensure passenger safety. As a result, the average strength and torsional rigidity of the chassis were improved by 34% and 23% respectively, enhancing the performance to protect passengers in the case of a collision.
Safety has been enhanced with smart airbags for the driver and passenger seats, side airbags for the front and rear seats for protecting during broadside collision, knee airbags for the driver seat and a curtain airbag to protect the heads of passengers in the event of the car overturning.

9 airbag safety system 9 airbag safety system
  • Knee airbag for driver seat
    Knee airbag for driver seat
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
    Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Emergency stop signal (ESS)
    Emergency stop signal (ESS)
  • Front seat emergency fastening device (EFD)
    Front seat emergency fastening device (EFD)
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Warranty and repairs
Chassis and general parts Key parts of engine and powertrain
3 Years/60,000km 5 Years/100,000km
  • Limited Warranty: Warranty period begins from date of purchase and expires once the specified period has ended or mileage has been reached.
  • For more information on optional warranty periods, please visit any service center in your area, contact the customer service center (080-600-6000), access the Hyundai Motor Company homepage or use the My Car Story phone application. The warranty may be changed to any of the above options during the respective warranty period. (Excludes Genesis, Porter, Starex, taxis and commercial vehicles.)
  • Warranty Period for Cooling/Heating System Parts: Identical to period for chassis and general parts, regardless of mileage if under one year.
  • Hybrid Parts: High-voltage battery, drive motor, inverter, DC converter, HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit)
  • Special Warranty for Electric Vehicle Parts: EPCU (Electric Power Control Unit), slow charger, high-voltage battery, drive motor, decelerator
  • First Customer for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles: A customer that purchases a new car and is the car owner at the time of the initial car registration. (Applicable to personal purchases only. Excludes the self-employed, corporations and lease/rental vehicle customers.)
  • The warranty period for CNG high-pressure containers in commercial vehicles applies for a period of three years, regardless of mileage.
  • The optional warranty period for the chassis/general parts/cooling and heating system parts is not applied to TUIX parts.
  • For additional details on the warranty period, refer to the manufacturer warranty. (Varies by vehicle type and item.)