Freezer/refrigerator truck

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Special Vehicle

Freezer truck [Single/twin comp.]

Optimized for transporting frozen products for the highest level of satisfaction and profit.

Freezer truck/high freezer truck Freezer truck/high freezer truck
  • Key customers for freezer trucks 1. Bakery shops, confectionery companies distributing frozen desserts
    2. Dairy product distributors and food manufacturing businesses
    3. Distributors handling agricultural and livestock products/frozen foods
    4. Department stores
  • Freezer truck strengths 1. Includes a stainless steel floor with high corrosion resistance.
    2. A variety of options, such as single/twin comp., navigation package for special vehicles, and a thermograph and heating system are included to provide customers with a wide range of choices.
Freezer comp.

1. The comp. 1 air conditioner and comp. 2 freezer are separately operated to ensure consistent cooling performance in the freezer room when the air conditioner is turned on.
2. The temperature control range for the freezer room is wide, and the target temperature can be swiftly reached.
3. The thermograph with a built-in gear box ensures convenient control.

  • Single comp.
    Single comp.
  • Twin comp.
    Twin comp.
Comparison of two models in terms of twin compressor features Low freezer truck/high freezer truck
  • Low compound freezer truck(sliding door)
    Low compound freezer truck(sliding door)
  • Low compound freezer truck(multipurpose)
    Low compound freezer truck(multipurpose)
Specifications and functions
1. Thermograph (includes temperature control device)
- A device that automatically records and maintains the temperature in the freezer room on a real-time basis (a device for food hygiene/safety and safe management of medicine and medical supplies)
2. Heating system
- A function to prevent the freezing of fresh products in the winter
※ The temperature inside the freezer room can vary depending on the external environment (Temperature, driving conditions).
Evaporator and cargo room in low freezer truck

Freezer truck [Single comp.]

The highest efficiency in transporting food products that do not need freezing

Refrigerator truck [Single comp.]
  • Key customers for refrigerator trucks 1. Distributors handling agricultural and livestock products/refrigerated foods
    2. Dairy product distributors and food manufacturing businesses
    3. Department stores, bakery/pastry shops
  • Refrigerator truck features 1. Includes a stainless steel floor with high corrosion resistance.
    2. The wide steps make it more convenient to get in and out of the cargo room.
    3. The temperature inside the cargo room can be set as low as -5ºC.
Cargo room (SUS 304 stainless steel)
Cargo room (SUS 304 stainless steel) The SUS 304 stainless steel floor offers excellent corrosion resistance and an insulation.
Slim evaporator and LED indoor light The LED indoor lighting is great for long-term use providing high illumination intensity.
Slim evaporator and LED indoor light
냉장탑차와 하이냉장탑차 비교
Warranty and repairs
Chassis and general parts Key parts of engine and powertrain
2 Years/40,000km 3 Years/60,000km
  • Application of Warranty Period: Warranty period begins from sale date of new car and expires when the specified period or mileage, whichever comes first, is reached.
  • More information on optional warranty periods is available at service centers, through our customer center (080-200-6000), on the Hyundai Motor Company website, or through the My Car Story app. The warranty can be changed to any of the options above during the respective warranty period. (Excludes Genesis brand, Porter, Starex, taxis and commercial vehicles)
  • Warranty Period for Cooling/Heating System Parts: Same as for chassis and general parts (regardless of mileage if under 1 year)
  • Hybrid Parts: High-voltage battery, drive motor, inverter, DC converter, HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit)
  • Special Warranty for Electric Vehicle Parts: EPCU (Electric Power Control Unit), slow charger, high-voltage battery, drive motor, decelerator
  • First Customer for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles: This refers to a new customer who has purchased and owns the car at the time it is registered for the first time (individuals only, self-employed/corporations and lease/rental vehicle customers excluded).
  • The warranty period for CNG high-pressure containers in commercial vehicles applies for a period of 3 years regardless of mileage.
  • For TUIX parts, the optional warranty period for the chassis/general parts/cooling and heating system parts is not applied.
  • For additional details on warranty period, refer to separate manufacturer warranty (varies by vehicle type and item).