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Special Vehicle


As of Apr 1, 2020 (Unit: KRW)

GRAND STAREX Special Vehicle
GRAND STAREX Special Vehicle
Category Price
Ambulance 5-seater 32,810,000
Special Ambulance 5-seater 53,800,000
Special Ambulance 6-seater 53,700,000
Firefighting-type Special Ambulance 5-seater 64,220,000
Firefighting-type Special Ambulance 6-seater 64,120,000
Wheelchair Ramp 7-seater 37,990,000
Wheelchair Lift 7-seater 41,100,000
High Roof 12-seater 29,900,000
Camping Car 4-seater Special consumption tax (5%) 51,000,000
Special consumption tax(1.5%) 49,570,000
Freezer Van 3-seater 30,990,000
Transport vehicle for children(LPi) 12-seater 26,890,000
Transport Bus for Children(LPi) 15-seater 28,910,000
Transport vehicle for children(diesel) 12-seater 29,690,000
Transport Bus for Children(diesel) 15-seater 31,710,000
  • ※ If the price list differs from the Korean price list, please check the contents of the Korean price list first.
Warranty and repairs
Chassis and general parts Key parts of engine and powertrain
2 Years/40,000km 3 Years/60,000km
  • Application of Warranty Period: Warranty period begins from sale date of new car and expires when the specified period or mileage, whichever comes first, is reached.
  • Details on optional warranty periods are available at service centers, through the customer center (080-600-6000), on the Hyundai Motor Company website, or through the My Car Story app. A warranty can be altered to any of the options above during the respective warranty period. (Excludes Genesis brand, Porter, Starex, taxis and commercial vehicles)
  • Warranty Period for Cooling/Heating System Parts: Same as for chassis and general parts (regardless of mileage if under 1 year)
  • Hybrid Parts: High-voltage battery, drive motor, inverter, DC converter, HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit)
  • Special Warranty for Electric Vehicle Parts: EPCU (Electric Power Control Unit), slow charger, high-voltage battery, drive motor, decelerator
  • First Customer for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles: This refers to a new customer who has purchased and owns the car at the time it is registered for the first time (individuals only, self-employed/corporations and lease/rental vehicle customers excluded).
  • The warranty period for CNG high-pressure containers in commercial vehicles applies for a period of 3 years regardless of mileage.
  • For TUIX parts, the optional warranty period for the chassis/general parts/cooling and heating system parts is not applied.
  • For details on warranty period, refer to separate manufacturer warranty (varies by vehicle type and item).