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  • Smartstream Gasoline 2.5 Calligraphy KRW 41,080,000
  • Smartstream Gasoline 2.5 Calligraphy Max output 198 PS / 6,100 rpm
  • Smartstream Gasoline 2.5 Calligraphy Max torque 25.3 kg.m / 4,000 rpm

Provides a smart driving environment and driving satisfaction

An air purification system that maintains a pleasant indoor atmosphere (via fine dust sensor) and a smart self-control system that promotes the driver’s health during long drives provide enhanced driving satisfaction.

Grandeur Calligraphy Full Option (Nocturne Gray) Calligraphy Full Option (Nocturne Gray)

- A fine dust sensor monitors the quality of the air inside the car in real time, offering constant updates on air quality on the screen.
- Once the fine dust concentration reaches a certain point, the air-purifying function is activated automatically to ensure a clean and fresh environment inside the vehicle.

Grandeur Wireless phone charger
Wireless phone charger

The wireless phone charging system, which is positioned on the tray above the center console, enables convenient charging of any smart phone.

Smart Posture Control II
Grandeur Smart Posture Control II - Driving Man Image
This function not only recommends driving positions optimized for the driver’s body type By suggesting information and movements designed to relieve spinal exhaustion, Smart Posture Control provides a truly smart driving environment with a focus on the driver’s health.
Grandeur Smart Posture ControlⅡNavigation Monitor
  • Grandeur Integrated Memory System (smart posture control II)
    Integrated Memory System (smart posture control II)
  • Grandeur Passenger's seat walk-in switch / Passenger relaxation comfort seat
    Passenger's seat walk-in switch / Passenger relaxation comfort seat
  • Grandeur Electric cushion extension for the driver's seat
    Electric cushion extension for the driver's seat
  • Grandeur Ventilated front seat
    Ventilated front seat
  • Grandeur Power-operated trunk lid
    Power-operated trunk lid
  • Grandeur Double-glazed soundproof glass (rear doors)
    Double-glazed soundproof glass
  • Grandeur Solar glass
    Solar glass
  • Grandeur Shift By Wire
    Shift By Wire
Back up guide light address the needs of both the driver and pedestrians.
  • Grandeur Back up guide light
    Back up guide light When the car is backing up, “guide lights” are projected onto the road behind the car to clearly show the driver’s intention to back the car up to prevent accidents involving nearby vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Grandeur Blind-spot View Monitor
    Blind-spot View Monitor When using the turn signal, the camera installed at the base of the exterior mirror displays videos of the left/right posterolateral views on the cluster screen. In the case the posterolateral view is restricted (driving in the rain, blind spots, etc.), the Sonata offers a clear and wide view to guarantee a safer driving experience.
Grandeur Surround View Monitor
Surround View Monitor

Four high-resolution cameras show blind spots in the front, rear, and sides so that the driver can park the car safely.

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Warranty and repairs
Chassis and general parts Key parts of engine and powertrain
Released after January 1, 2018
Optional warranty period: 2 years/80,000km, 3 years/60,000km, or 4 years/40,000km (May be changed within warranty period once product has left the warehouse)
5 Years/100,000km
  • Limited Warranty: Warranty period begins from date of purchase and expires once the specified period has ended or mileage has been reached.
  • The optional warranty service will be applied from the vehicle released after January 1, 2018
  • For more information on optional warranty periods, please visit any service center in your area, contact the customer service center (080-600-6000), access the Hyundai Motor Company homepage or use the My Car Story phone application. The warranty may be changed to any of the above options during the respective warranty period. (Excludes Genesis, Porter, Starex, taxis and commercial vehicles.)
  • Warranty Period for Cooling/Heating System Parts: Identical to period for chassis and general parts, regardless of mileage if under one year.
  • Hybrid Parts: High-voltage battery, drive motor, inverter, DC converter, HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit)
  • Special Warranty for Electric Vehicle Parts: EPCU (Electric Power Control Unit), slow charger, high-voltage battery, drive motor, decelerator
  • First Customer for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles: A customer that purchases a new car and is the car owner at the time of the initial car registration. (Applicable to personal purchases only. Excludes the self-employed, corporations and lease/rental vehicle customers.)
  • The warranty period for CNG high-pressure containers in commercial vehicles applies for a period of three years, regardless of mileage.
  • The optional warranty period for the chassis/general parts/cooling and heating system parts is not applied to H Genuine Accessories.
  • For additional details on the warranty period, refer to the manufacturer warranty. (Varies by vehicle type and item.)