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Campaign - Hyundai Campaign | Hyundai

There is no greater journey than
the pursuit of a dream.

  • The movie says there is no greater journey than ther pursuit of a dream.

One hundred years after Sir Ernest Shackleton’s fateful Antarctic expedition, his great-grandson Patrick returned

2016 – 2017
Shackleton’s Return Expedition

Top rear view of santafe has a plag is driving on snow.

"I finally fulfilled the 100-year-old dream with a round trip of 5,800 km, a
30-day itinerary, a one year preparation period, and 100 years in the
waiting, transcending the limits of time and space."

  • Total distance : 5,800 km

  • Itinerary : 30 days

  • Vehicle : Santa Fe

  • Route : Union Camp - Thiels Corner - South Pole
    – Amundsen Coast - McMurdo

2016's Pinnacle of Endurance,
Santa Fe from Hyundai