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Goal of the Century

FIFA World Cup 2022™

Introducing: The Goal of the Century

This year, in celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, we are setting our eyes on a new goal – The Goal of the Century. Backed by an all-star team of influential players from the worlds of football, music, art, photography, and fashion, we’re on a mission to unite the world of sustainability. Read on to find out more about our Goal of the Century and how you can get involved.

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Our manifesto for the biggest goal ever

  • With our cinematic manifesto film featuring football legend Steven Gerrard, we take people with us on our journey using the power of the word "goal". A goal in football is what makes people come together in celebration – cheering and even losing themselves. A goal is the most electrifying moment and just the word brings up all the ecstatic feelings associated with this moment. A goal unites thousands of people when it is scored – on and off the pitch. Remember Diego Maradona’s legendary FIFA World Cup™ goal at Estadio Azteca in 1986. The semantic power of the word “goal” emphasizes the shared purpose we are aiming for and makes it even more powerful. Our goal, the “Goal of the Century”, is to unite the world for sustainability. But this goal cannot be achieved alone. We need to stand together as one team – the Team Century playing for the “Goal of the Century”.

Our journey continues

  • Along with our coach Steven Gerrard, we have brought together a team of committed personalities from the fields of football, art, fashion, music, entertainment and climate activism who will become part of “Team Century” throughout 2022 – and beyond. Together, we will create awareness and action for human and nature-centered sustainability.