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    The new H-1

    Dynamic and urban design


H-1 is the best choice when delivering people take priority over packages while it is primarily a practical, hard-working carrier.



Expand your seating capacity

The flexible ergonomic seating of H-1's practical and sophisticated interior design provides premium comfort and style throughout long journeys wherever you go.

expand your seating capacity
2/3-seater passenger space

2/3-seater passenger space

5/6-seater cargo van variation

5/6-seater cargo van variation

passenger/cargo space partition panel

Passenger/cargo space partition panel

windows protection bar

Windows protection bar

5/6-seater window van cargo room

5/6-seater window van cargo room

2/3-seater panel van cargo room

2/3-seater panel van cargo room

  • Move it your way

    Move it your way

    Anything is possible with an H-1 van. Whether it’s carrying lots of cargo or lots of passengers, or a combination of both, the vehicle is equipped to handle every trip.

Interior Color

interior Color

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