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  • Biennale of Sydney

    Leader of the contemporary art scene, 20th Biennale of Sydney

Landmark of modern art, Biennale of Sydney

In 1973, the Biennale of Sydney started as an event additional to the opening of the Sydney Opera House, one of the symbols of Australia, starting as a biennale for Asian regions with the support by founder Franco Belgiorno-Nettis and Transfield Holdings.
Marking its 20th anniversary, the Biennale of Sydney, the largest and the most interesting contemporary visual art festival being held in Australia, has emerged as a landmark of the country after the Opera House. The Biennale of Sydney gets abreast of the Venice Biennale, the São Paulo Art Biennial, and the Kassel documenta as one of the oldest art biennales, having presented about 1,600 artists from more than 100 countries so far. As one of the leading art festivals, it willingly continues to take the role of introducing the freshest and the most outstanding arts of Australia and other countries in the world.

This year, Hyundai Motor participates as a major partner of the event, in support of the international art scene and to explore innovation with art. The 20th Biennale of Sydney is expected to be more popular and solid with not only various exhibitions but also artist talks, performances, forums, guided tours, family days, and more. According to the principle of the Biennale that abundant experiences should be provided, art lovers and the public from all over the world will come together. Meet the 20th Biennale of Sydney, which Hyundai Motor proudly supports, from March 18th to June 5th and discover the philosophies and ideologies of our time.

Mediating between modern and present time

Stephanie Rosenthal was named as the Artistic Director of the 20th Biennale of Sydney, who is given a grave duty of overall administration of the event. Now serving as the chief curator of the Hayward Gallery in London, Rosenthal has exceptional understanding in the flow of art, having led the Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany for 10 years as a curator in charge of modern and contemporary art. She also has a distinguished career in the biennale scene: Rosenthal was one of the three curators who realized a view regarding nationalism in the first biennial in Cartagena, Colombia in the early 2000s. Gathering 83 artists from 35 countries over the world to present programs full of artistic inspiration, this year’s Biennale of Sydney is a new leap by Rosenthal, who has reestablished the global art scene with original standards, and a chance to see her competence that has brought her brilliant achievements.

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