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  • #Travelmate 2016 1st

    Hyundai Motor enriches your life with unforgettable memories

Travel is a source of inspiration. You encounter different experiences and gain broader perspectives. Throughout your inspiring journey, Hyundai Motor wants to be your lifetime partner sharing experiences with you along the way.

Since 2015, Hyundai Motor started the “#Travelmate” campaign to keep track of your memoires during your journey. Hyundai Motor has compiled your memories and wants to go a step further in 2016. In five iconic cities including Paris, Istanbul, Rome, Amsterdam and Lima, Hyundai Motor will accompany travelers who want to absorb and cherish unforgettable moments in their lives. We will enrich your journey as you go along your way to meet amazing moments of your life.

Broaden your perspectives with Hyundai Motor

When you visit foreign cities, each place has its own transportation that matches the city. Trams and buses of each city blend in well with the environment, but the #Travelmate campaign adds another color to your transportation experience in the city. Since the cities each have their own ambiences, #Travelmate takes a different approach in the five cities.

In Paris and Istanbul, where Hyundai Motor already started the #Travelmate last year, pictures of popular landmarks with music notes will be painted on trams and buses. Music, like travelling, gives you comfort and relaxation. As a true #Travelmate, Hyundai Motor also wants to give you comfort and beautify your journey by all means. In Istanbul, you can ride Hyundai Motor branded trams and enjoy the All New Elantra and the All New Tucson theme songs.

In Rome, Hyundai Motor wants to share anticipation for the upcoming EURO 2016 as an official partner of EURO 2016. Hyundai Motor branded trams run across the beautiful city of Rome, and the All New Tucson traverses the stadium with football players. In addition, we want to share the exciting moment with real football fans looking forward to EURO 2016. With F2 Freestylers, Billy and Jeremy, who always inspire with ultimate football action, Hyundai Motor collaborated for a breathtaking video, counting down the days until the tournament.

Last but not the least, you can meet #Travelmate at Amsterdam and Lima. Under the concept of greetings and meeting new friends, Hyundai Motor helps you make new friends in the exciting city and broaden your perspectives. Hyundai Motor helps you build lasting memories in these exotic cities with new friends.

Hyundai Motor accompanies you in your precious life journey

Instead of creating a mere advertisement wrapped around buses or trams, Hyundai Motor wanted to share moving pieces of artwork with travelers. Hyundai Motor wants to care for you in every moment of your lives, no matter where you are in the world. By being ‘a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond’, we want to create lasting memories for millions of people while they travel. Through emotional interactions during the journey, we will free people from the stresses of their everyday lives and widen their horizons in these inspiring five cities.

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