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  • #Travelmate 2016 2nd

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Travel is like nutrition to your life. You can take a break from your busy life, and spend a meaningful time to ponder about yourself. Travelers experience new environments and sometimes face challenges. Whatever the reason, one clear thing is for sure. Travel makes your life flourish and leads you to lead a better future.

Traveling alone is meaningful, but wouldn’t it be more meaningful to travel with someone that you like or want to share memories together? Having a traveling mate is happiness itself before and after a trip.

From last year, Hyundai Motor contemplated how we could enrich customer’s life as a lifetime partner. Hyundai Motor finally decided to be a travel partner in order to deliver meaningful memories during your journey, the nutrition of your life. As a result, Hyundai began the “#Travelmate” campaign in five amazing cities; Paris, Istanbul, Rome, Amsterdam and Lima in order to be an invisible supporter for travelers.

Go further with Hyundai.

To travelers, transportations such as buses and trams are beyond simple mobility means, and serve as the feet to travel the new world. Sometimes they provide a place to take a short rest while on the move. Hyundai Motor wants to inspire travelers via transportations in three cities of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. Paris, the city of romance, Rome where invisible gladiators are still alive, and Amsterdam where people can feel the challenging spirit of the Netherlanders, these cities both encapsulate the beauty of the past and future.

Hyundai IONIQ is branded on city transportation to introduce Hyundai Motor’s new future mobility. Futuristic design of Hyundai IONIQ naturally blends well with the people and the cities. In the melting pot of the past and the future, Hyundai Motor presents new concepts of mobility and broadens your perspective. Hyundai Motor believes that the futuristic design and challenging spirit of IONIQ goes well with travelers that come to the city. So, Hyundai Motor is expressing our will to face the future and upcoming challenges with you as we have done so far.

In Istanbul and Lima, Hyundai Motor wanted to give the message to travelers that every step you and Hyundai take will be filled with colors. Tucson and various colors fill the transportation that run across various travel sites of Istanbul and Lima. Travelers might be tired during their trip, but the design of vivid and inspiring colors will brighten up their journey. Hyundai Motors wants to be the travel mate and lifetime partner who goes hand in hand together.

Now, are you ready to meet the future?

What kind of partner was Hyundai Motor to you in the five cities? Hyundai Motor delivered our messages of being a dynamic and powerful partner to keep you going in your journey. So what what does “#Travelmate” mean to you? Did your life improve after you met #Travelmate? Then, we bet you are ready to meet the future!

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