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Panoramic view of Motorstuio space

Hyundai Motorstudio

The here and the space of hereafter
Beginning of the new car experience
Fingertip touching on the display to select a vehicle from the list
Hyundai Motorstudio Digital is a future space for the present.
A showroom where consumers can explore cars that they desire, although no actual cars are on display and an experience space where consumers can experience cars virtually.

Hyundai Motorstudio Digital continues to bring about innovations at both the visible and invisible level. Digital contents that enable new car experience. A social space for pleasant and relaxed communications. A new space for cars. This is the Hyundai Motorstudio Digital.
Floor plan of motorstudio digital exhibition
Visitors can enjoy a broad range of experiences through digital media including life-size photorealistic 3D screens and floor-to-ceiling video walls that enable visitors to experience cars at a 1:1 scale.

Visitors can make their own personalized cars by applying various options and be mesmerized with vivid sounds and screens that match reality.

A “Guru,” experts with professional knowledge about cars, will answer questions related to Hyundai cars by engaging in comfortable conversation with visitors.

New Digital Experience at
Hyundai Motorstudio Digital

Tablet PC screen showing list of Hyundai vehicles on the table

Unrestricted Choices

On My Car Table, visitors can choose the model, color and apply any specification of their choice. The car spins and magnifies at your fingertips. All choices for “My Car” are unrestricted.
Image projection with touchable screen panel displayed in front

Vivid Immersion

A life-size car on a floor-to-ceiling screen comes into view. Visitors can feel the presence of cars that match reality with a large screen (Width 6.2m x Length 2.6m x Thickness 0.2mm) and 24.2 channel sound system.
Exterior and Interior material panels displayed on the wall by vehicle models

Perfection of details

Visitors can check the exterior color of all Hyundai cars made in hand-sized models and feel the texture of interior materials with their own hands. Visitors are able to feel even the smallest details of a car.
Visitor experiencing modeling program

Reproduction more appealing than reality

Select a car to appear on the 3D screen. Easily change colors and rotate the car. A 3D virtual reality experience gives visitors an unique experience.
Two PC monitors on the table

Delightful Communication

Visitors can consult with car experts in a café-like environment. Gurus, Hyundai car experts, are ready to answer all questions about Hyundai cars. Customers can enjoy pleasant conversations and also obtain necessary information.
2D location map of Motorstudio digital

Visitor’s Information

■ Opening hours
- 10:30~22:00 Telephone: +82-2-6002-0101
■ Address
- Coex Mall, 513, Yeongdongdae-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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