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White color HB20 is placed in front of bright geometrical background


Refined for Brazilians


  • Red HB20 parked with the instrumental band stage set

    With HB20 in your life, your everyday becomes an excitement

    Sensuality and sportsmanship meet a flowing sort of grace. Elongated headlights and an aggressive fender in the front grab your attention. A voluminous profile and high beltline keep you intrigued. What an exciting look!
  • Closer view of headlamp


    Black on aluminum brings a sophisticatedly sporty vibe to the fluidic sculpture headlamps. Of course, the attitude continues in the back, with notice-me taillights.
  • Closer view of outside mirror repeater

    Outside mirror repeater

    Like a futuristic adornment that ends up taking over the whole show, the side repeaters enhance the HB20’s safety and sense of style.

  • Illustration of side view HB20 parked next to big tree

    HB20 cares you as you care your family

    Wherever you go and whatever you do, feel safe and secured because HB20 takes care of you.
  • Three aluminum alloy wheels in different design and sizes

    Stylish 14" and 15" aluminum wheels

    No, all wheels are not the same, and you get to take your pick. Options include sporty 14" steel wheels and wider 15" aluminum alloy wheels.
    • Wheel and tire configuration may differ depending on trim levels.

  • Illustration of rear view red HB20 parked next to camping sets in the garden

    The practicality you have always been wanted

    When we say the HB20 is like no other, we mean it literally. Not to mention its sheer practicality, various innovative features meld with beauty, front to back.
  • Closer view of rear combination lamp

    Rear combination lamp

    Rear combination lamps make sure you’re seen, and not just because of the light. With stylish illuminators like these, the HB20 turns heads night and day.

Closer view of flex-fuel emblem on the rear

Flex-fuel emblem

The HB20 runs on both E22 gasoline and E100 ethanol. You’ll find a dedicated Flex badge on the right side of the trunk lid.
Micro antenna

Micro antenna

A micro antenna offers a concise and efficient touch on the roof, and macro connectivity.
Closer view of fog lamp

Fog lamp

Stylishly located fog lamps light the way when you need it. HB20’s fog lamps offer better visibility when it rains, snows and there are fogs ahead of you.
Hidden washer nozzle with front windshield

Hidden washer nozzle

A hidden washer nozzle gets the job done without ruining the visuals.


Full view of cockpit area

Comfort and sophistication

Everything you want within reach, all the info you need in a glance. That’s what you can enjoy while riding in the HB20. Perfect ergonomics, top-quality material and all the comforts you need guarantee a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience.
Panoramic view of front seat interior

Practicality and generous space

Plenty of room for everyone. The seats can accommodate up to 5 adults, and the automatic models come with a supportive armrest for the driver. A harmony between texture, tone and panel makes for a pleasant interior climate.
Audio system on the center fascia

Audio system

The HB20’s sophisticated audio system plays MP3 files and CDs. Designed to look sleek and inviting, it completes the premium interior design in addition to filling the car with your favorite tunes.
  • Available in Comfort Style or higher models.
Cluster ionizer and air conditioner control buttons

Cluster ionizer and air conditioner control

A cluster ionizer and air conditioning keep things fresh and are easy to use. Just turn the dials and set them to the levels you want. Highly visible back-lighting enhances this striking feature.
Many luggage loaded on the trunk

Large trunk space

As if 300ℓ of trunk space weren’t enough, you get 900ℓ if you consider the recessed seats. Hooks at the corners let you arrange the space the way you want.
Front view of steering wheel with cluster

Tilt and telescopic steering wheel

The leather-upholstered steering wheel is comfortable to the touch and adjustable in height and width to suit you right.
Phone connected to aux port

AUX and iPod connectivity

No need to worry about being disconnected on the road. AUX and iPod connectivity make sure you stay networked.
  • iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc

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