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White color HB20 is placed in front of bright geometrical background


A one-of-a-kind ride


Icon of HB20 side view

Designed for the Brazilian hearts

Uniquely Brazilian and with Hyundai’s fluidic sculptural grace. The result is modern, sporty and striking.
Icon of front view HB20 and cluster

Unrivaled performance and efficiency

Two highly efficient engines double the power for the next generation. Such numerous engine technologies as CVVT and DOHC to name a few deliver a different sort of drive.
Icon of top view HB20 with coins stacked up

As practical and economical as can be

Whether you're talking about fuel or luggage space, you get more bang for your buck than ever. Enjoy 300 to 900ℓ of luggage space depending on how you configure the rear seats. And fuel economy is a given.
Side front view of red HB20 parked outdoor at night


Glimpses of steel and light keep the look polished. 14’’ and 15’’ alloy wheels, a rear spoiler and LED side repeaters make sure you travel right.
Full view of interior with cockpit area


Plenty of room for everything from your dashboard favorites to extra luggage. The supervision cluster keeps you in check and multifunction steering keeps your hands on the wheel during multi-tasks.
Power engine


An efficient 1.0ℓ Kappa engine delivers 80 ps at 6,200 rpm / 10.2 kg·m at 4,500 rpm while a powerful 1.6ℓ Gamma engine produces 128 ps at 6,000 rpm / 16.5 kg·m at 5,000 rpm. In other words, the HB20 is a power ride.
Front view of two air bags simulated on the front seats


The safety system was designed with you and your needs in mind. Dual airbags are a given. Features including the Rear Parking Assist System, ABS and volumetric alarm system offer you the help you didn’t know you needed.
Center fascia design with air ventilation system control buttons


The HB20 does more so you can do less. With the remote key feature, air conditioning and power steering, you’ll get to your destination as cool and relaxed as can be.


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