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Power train

Unrivaled performance and fuel economy

The HB20’s two engines boast improved performance and fuel economy thanks to the newly developed aluminum engine block and CVVT technology (Continuous Variable Valve Timing), which optimizes the air-fuel mixture both in low and high rpm situations. Plus, the DOHC (Double Over-Head Cam) and 4 valves per cylinder help the engines produce even more power. The result is an excellent, powerful engine and more kilometers per liter in the city and on the highway to meet your needs.
Infographic of 1.0 Kappa engine (12V) Gasoline (E22) performance

1.0 Kappa engine (12V) Gasoline (E22)

Infographic of 1.0 Kappa engine (12V) Ethanol (E100) performance

1.0 Kappa engine (12V) Ethanol (E100)

Infographic of 1.6 Gamma engine (16V) Gasoline (E22) performance

1.6 Gamma engine (16V) Gasoline (E22)

Infographic of 1.6 Gamma engine (16V) Ethanol (E100) performance

1.6 Gamma engine (16V) Ethanol (E100)

Full view of 4-speed automatic transmission

4-speed automatic transmission

HB20’s 4-speed automatic transmission will deliver as sporty and responsive driving sensation as the manual transmission. Here are the comforts of automatic transmission. Sit back and relax – you’re in for a powerful ride.
  • Available with 1.6ℓ Flex models.
Full view of 5-speed manual transmission

5-speed manual transmission

The highly efficient 5-speed manual transmission is available with all trims. That fact that it’s in the most fuel-efficient part of the power band means you can expect increased fuel economy and high performance. Like to have control over your vehicle? Then the HB20 is for you.
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