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White color HB20 is placed in front of bright geometrical background


Keep you safe with various features


Front view of two airbags simulated on the front seat

Non-negotiable safety: dual airbag

Dual airbags are a standard safety feature in all HB20s, making sure everyone in the front is covered. The rear parking assist system helps you out when you’re backing up. With sensors like these, you can stop second guessing your parking skills.
Red HB20 parking with rear parking assist system

Rear parking assist system

Back up and rest assured that if something’s in the way, the HB20 will tell you. Feel extra good about knowing that features like these are usually options for more expensive models.
  • Available with 1.6 Premium models.
Illustrated road scenario about Anti-lock brake system

ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)

With the Anti-lock Brake System, you don’t have to worry about your brakes locking at high speeds. You can also enjoy better braking on slippery and icy roads. Touches like these put your safety first.
Closer view of rear reflector

Rear reflector

Highly visible reflectors on both sides of the rear bumper make sure you’re noticed.


When the HB20 senses front impact, this standard feature reduces the gap between you and the seatbelt.
Full and detail view of burglar alarm

Burglar alarm

If the computer detects a change in volume inside the cabin, it sounds an alarm to protect your vehicle from burglary.

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