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Improved connectivity


Hands-free smart trunk

The trunk opens automatically when it senses the Smart Key close behind the vehicle. The switch to open the trunk is incorporated into the rear emblem for a sleek and seamless design.
Hands free smart trunk
Infinity audio system

Infinity audio system

For compelling sound reproduction, Sonata's audio system is supplied by Infinity, a world leader in acoustic engineering.
  • Only available in select regions.
Electric parking brake

Electric parking brake

A pull on a switch is all that’s needed to apply the parking brake. The brake automatically disengages when you drive off.
  • The brake may not be disengaged under certain conditions.
Parking assist system

Parking Assist System (PAS)

PAS assists the driver during reverse movement of the vehicle by activating an audible warning if you get too close to objects.
Engine start and stop button

Engine start / stop button

To start the car, all that's required is a press of the engine start / stop button.
Electronic chromic mirror

Electronic Chromic Mirror (ECM)

ECM makes sure you're not blinded by lights reflected from the car behind you. It automatically senses and reduces the intrusion of light.
Remote start

Remote start

Remote start lets you start the engine and cool the cabin before the driver gets into the vehicle.
  • Only available in select regions
Rain sensor and aero blade wipers

Rain sensor and aero blade wipers

Automatically sensing rainfall amount, a rain sensor and aero blade wipers control wiper speed and keep the wipers from being lifted at high speeds.
Connectivity (AUX and USB)

Connectivity (AUX and USB)

Stay networked with AUX and iPod connectivity. A USB port lets you plug in an iPod and other mobile storage devices so that you can enjoy your favorite music.
Auto defogging system

Auto defogging system

Sensors automatically detect if there’s moisture on the inside of the windscreen, activating the air blowers to clear the glass.
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