Black color Veloster Turbo is parked at the road

Veloster Turbo

Unique and innovative crossover utility vehicle

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Sporty and dynamic, for the promise of the road Swooping and curving to suggest a powerful sense of motion and
freedom, the interior of the Veloster Turbo takes its inspiration from a
different kind of machine, one steeped in the thrill of the open road: the
motorbike. Sporty and assertive, the robust design is completed by
high-tech, stylishly designed elements touched here and there with
high-gloss black.


  • Side front view of three Veloster Turbo cars driving on the road

    Bold from the off, the Veloster is confident at every turn

    It's low to the ground, with wide-apart wheels, a hexagonal grille and a headlamp design that oozes contemporary style.
  • Icon of top view of veloster with three doors opened

    A car made with usability in mind Talk about functional

    One door on the driver's side, two on the passenger's side. Getting in and out never made so much sense.
  • Side view of tangerine orange Veloster Turbo parked

    A punchy coupe that pulls off a sporty profile

    A short front overhang connects with a front-to-back sloping roof.
  • Rear view of tangerine car of driving Veloster Turbo

    The flair of the front and side stretches to the back

    Trademark touches of the stylish rear include unique rear lamps and a centered twin tip exhaust tipped in chrome.

Closer view of headlamp

LED projection headlamps that dazzle and dim

The headlamps feature LEDs, projecting a bright, accurate beam onto the road ahead. High beam assist automatically dips your headlights when another vehicle is approaching, so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers.
Outside mirror repeater

Outside mirror repeaters that let you see more

Stylishly-shaped side mirrors feature LED outside mirror repeaters, for maximum high-tech character and increased visibility when turning.
Panorama sunroof opened

Panorama sunroof that lets in nature

A panorama sunroof perfectly suits the energetic, active lifestyle of Veloster Turbo drivers, letting in plenty of light and fresh air.
front wheel of white veloster

18" alloy wheels

18" alloy wheels featuring chrome inserts are complemented by special low-profile tires, for the best possible performance.
Closer view of rear combination lamps

Winging it with rear combination lamps

Curved to follow the bodywork where the rear meets the sides of the car, wing-style rear combination lamps combine style with technology.
Rear view of white Veloster Turbo

Sporty dual center exhaust

Twin-barreled and tipped in chrome. This is sportiness at its most captivating. The twin tip center exhaust, stylishly shaped and built into the rear bumper, gives the Veloster Turbo an abundance of sporting character.
Closer view of fog lamp

Fog lamps

Set low on the bumper, sporty fog lamps make driving easier in foggy conditions, and have a stylish, modern design.
Closer view of radiator grille

Radiator grille

The distinctive Hyundai hexagonal-shaped radiator grille presents a confident, bold, dynamic face to the world.
Turbo emblem

Turbo emblem

Let no-one mistake the car you’re driving. The turbo emblem takes pride of place at the rear.
Top view of rear spoiler and wiper

Rear spoiler and wiper

A rear spoiler improves fuel efficiency and driving stability, while a flat blade rear wiper blends harmoniously.


Panoramic view of front seat and cockpit interior

The heart of it all, where sporty meets action

The driver's seat is a dynamic space decked out with high-tech and stylish components.
Seat belt extension

Seat belt extension guide

A seat belt extension guide for the driver seat puts the belt in the optimum position for comfort and convenience.
Books stored in the seat back pocket

Storage system (seat pocket)

Pocket on the back of the passenger seat provides passengers with an ideal place to keep things such as magazines and maps.
Sunglasses stored in the overhead console

Overhead console

In the ceiling between the two front seats, a sunglasses case is positioned where it's most convenient.
Driver’s power seat with control button

Driver’s power seat

A push of a button is all you need to get your seat fitting just right. Adjust forward and back and the cushion height as well. Power lumbar support gives your back excellent support.
Floor console

Storage system (floor console)

A cup holder located on the center console provides occupants with a convenient place to keep their drinks.

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