Aero Town

Remarkable performance
For your driving pleasure


image of climate control system

Climate Control System

Delivers superior heating, cooling and ventilation performance. The advanced climate control system delivers fresh air throughout the cabin
image of head lamp

Styled head lamp

image of fog lamp

Fog lamp

image of out side rear view mirror

Out side rear view mirror

image of side flap door

Side flap door


image of view when passengers get on the bus

Welcome Aboard The Atmosphere is Cheerful and Roomy

The efficient layout creates a spacious, cheerful atmosphere that passengers and crew will appreciate. We’ve carefully engineered everything right down to the smallest detail to enhance comfort and make each passengers feel like a VIP.
image of aero town 37+1 passenger seat layout

37+1 Seat

image of aero town 24+1 passenger seat layout

24+1 Seat

image of aero town board type shelves

Board Type Shelves (Opt.)

Shelves integrate perfectly with the air conditioning louvers.
image of aero town aisle mood lighting lamp

Mood Lamp (Opt.)

For a softer, more relaxed ambience
image of aero town aisle light

Line Light (Opt.)

Extra high output brightens the atmosphere.
image of aero town fluorescent lamp

Fluorescent Lamp

Reduce eye fatigue during night travel.
image of aero town passenger seat cloth

Cloth Upholstery (Opt.)

Premium quality fabrics look great and are highly durable.
image of aero town digital clock

Digital Clock

Large and easily visible from any seat.
image of aero town fan type ventilator

Fan-type ventilator (Opt.)

image of aero town natural type ventilator

Natural-type ventilator

image of aero town reading lamp and air conditioning louvers

Book lamp and air conditioning louvers (Opt.)

image of aero town sun visor

Roll-type sun visor

For safer driving.
image of power steering wheel

Power steering

Minimum effort is required to turn the wheel.
image of controlling steering wheel position and height

Telescopic steering

This standard feature enables the driver to position the wheel at a perfect height for relaxed driving.

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