Right side view of H350 with doors opened


From high-strength
Bodyshell to sophisticated safety


h350 safety side view
From high-strength
bodyshell to sophisticated safety
Cutting-edge safety systems feature advanced logic, sensors and controls to automatically detect potentially
dangerous situations and intuitively assist the driver in avoiding a collision in the first place.
  • Vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system

    By combining all of the electronic driving assists, the Vehicle dynamic control (VDC) keeps the
    vehicle firmly on course by independently activating the relevant brakes.

    VDC image
  • Lane departure warning system (LDWS)

    Reassuring your safety on the road, windshield-mounted camera is employed to continuously
    monitor your driving lane. If the lane departure is not accompanied by a turn signal, Lane departure
    warning system (LDWS) triggers an alert for the driver to take corrective action.

    LDWS image
  • Hill-start assist control (HAC)

    Hyundai's standard Hill-start assist control (HAC) system prevents dangerous roll-back on an
    incline, making sure to maintain a firm brake grip before quickly getting you back on track by
    pressing the accelerator.

    HAC image
  • VDC
  • LDWS
  • HAC
  • END
Airbags simulated

Driver and passenger airbags

With safety as a key priority, the front driver and passenger airbags give occupants the ultimate peace of mind to destination.
High strength steel

High strength steel

For optimum crew and cargo protection, 75% of the chassis of H350 is made from high tensile steel. Anti-corrosion alloy steel has been applied to 98% of the bodyshell and the entire body structure is then electro-plated before painting to ensure it resists rust and perforation.
Emergency stop signal (ESS)

Emergency stop signal (ESS)

Heavy braking automatically activates the hazard warning lights to alert drivers behind and to help protect you from rear-end collisions..
Roll over mitigation (ROM)

Roll over mitigation (ROM)

Providing better stability and grip, H350 takes safety to the next level with Roll over mitigation (ROM) that reduces potential roll-over risk during a sudden turn.
Disc pad wear indicator

Disc pad wear indicator

This safety feature provides an early warning to have the brake pads replaced.
4-wheel disc brakes

4-wheel disc brakes

With its 4-wheel disc brakes and hefty 10" hydraulic brake booster, the H350 delivers best-in-class braking performance as shown by the above chart.

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