Xcient driving on the road

The completion of the advanced style

Xcient integrated the color of side-view mirrors, roof visor, side gamish, mud guard, and other components like that of an existing luxury sedan so as to present a sophisticated sense of identity.
Aerodynamic graphically shown on the front view of Xcient

Aerodynamic design

The Xcient is innovatively designed newly adopting the inclination of the windshield, expansion of the front volume, and application of dynamic character lines.
The Xcient's optimum space size shown with arrow sign

Wider space

The Xcient’s optimum space allows for freer indoor movement and activity with higher full height (+ 645 mm) and longer full length (+ 175 mm). Experience more comfort and freedom as you drive.

ⓘ Depending on the cabin variant, there may be some differences.
Xcient's cab tilting to the front

Cab tilting

Along with the extensively increased cab tilting angle up to 61 ˚, the volume of the cab tilting cylinder was enlarged. Also, it allows for ease of maintenance by preventing oil leakage with the use of a protection cover on the top part while securing the volume of the tilting pump reservoir.
Illustration of person getting on the Xcient

Grip for getting on and off the vehicle

Closer view of stair type steps

Stair-type steps

When getting on and off the vehicle is presented through the 105 mm lowered stair-type steps, which are the widest in its class and the largest cross-sectional area in its class.
Closer view of bumper-integrated front folding steps

Bumper-integrated front folding steps

For easier maintenance of more parts compared to the previously applied maintenance panel opening at the front, the broad width folding steps are newly designed.
Size indicator graphics on the outside mirrors

Outside mirrors

For improved visibility, the presence of blind spot is reduced by enlarging the outside mirror and through the design/utilization of aerodynamic mirror, noise as well as water hold-up phenomenon on the side glass is reduced.
Sunroof opened


The hatch roof features tilt and slide adjustments to direct a fresh breeze into the cabin for a natural cooling effect.
You can escape through this hatch when the truck is overturned.
Closer view of front grille and bumper

Front grille and bumper

Corner vane integrated large front grill and wide bumper.
Roof visor and roof spoiler

Roof visor and roof spoiler

Body-colored roof visor comes with twin corner marking lamps. And the lightweight spoiler on the roof help improve aerodynamics.
View of door glass with water-replellent door glass

Pull-down door glass

Water-repellent door glass applied.
External compartment storage system door opened

Storage system (external compartment)

1,500 mm of lowest accessibility on the same level.
Corner vane

Corner vane

Application of corner vane reduces side contamination.
European-style outer mirror

European-style outer mirror

Big and proud, this mirror offers wide rear vision.


inside of truck's cockpit with wide beach view

illustration which driver is operating controllers in the dashboard

Ergonomic switch operation

Euro-inspired asymmetric design is an optimized layout of the display and controls.
illustration which driver seat's air ventilating and controlling positions

New profile seat (driver’s seat)

Cold/warm air ventilation, leather covering, belt-in-seat (BIS), seat operation on the bed, air suspension (multi-function seat) supported.
image focused on indoor lamps

Indoor room lamps

sleeper cabin bed behind of driver seat

Sleeper cabin bed

2,180 mm long and 800 mm wide
second floor bed behind of driver seat

Second floor bed

High roof cabin only
Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system

Remote controllable
few buttons to control power window

Power window system

Switch panel provides easy control over windows and door locks.
front-facing image of streering wheel and cluster

Steering wheel

Including pneumatic tilt and telescopic function
a gear shift knob

T.G.S knob

illustration of passenger seat's folding up and down

Passenger seat

Air suspension and folding mechanism (Optional)
folding table in front of passenger seat

Passenger fold-out table

The fold-out table is a much appreciated feature that comes in handy whether it's used for catching up with paperwork while on the road or enjoying a meal.
2 ventilation ducts on the dashboard

Cluster ionizer

Odor removal and sterilization
a vacant slot is pulled to open

Storage system (lower crash pad console)

Abundant storage space right where it is most needed (16 L).
a sun visor over the driver seat

Sun visor (front)

Retractable roll-blind can be lowered to the desired height, reducing eye-strain and improving safety (electronic type).
a sun visor beside of driver seat

Sun visor (side)

Spring-loaded and easily adjusted, the side sun visor is a thoughtful design feature which promotes driver comfort and convenience.
a room lamp lights on

Room lamp

The overhead room lamp is centrally positioned to deliver ample illumination throughout the cabin (LED).
a small bedroom lamp lights on

Bedroom lamp

The LED lamp is mounted on a gooseneck to deliver light exactly where it is needed.
front overhead console with several storages and slots opened

Storage system (overhead console)

150 L storage system keeps travel essentials organized and the cabin clutter-free.
rear overhead console with several storages and slots closed

Storage system (rear overhead console)

You would expect a truck as large as Xcient would offer huge storage space. And it does (320 L).

ⓘ only available with high roof
image of a dual console slot

Storage system (bed up console)

The bed up dual console provides convenience (6 L)
side pocket storage

Storage system (bedside console)

The perfect place for reading matter (7 L)
cup holder contains 2 plastic cups

Storage system (cup holders)

refrigerator's lid is opened including some fruits and bottles

Storage system (thermos & refrigerator)

World first refrigerant and electric coil method helps you enjoy beverages and foods while driving.
lower bed console is opened

Storage system (lower bed console)

A spacious storage compartment where it's least expected (120 L).

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