Infinite power and efficiency with humanity


3 Xcient trucks are parking on the ground side by side

The novelty towards the unknown world

The most advanced evolution and innovation is presented.
silver Xcient driver's door widely

X-tra space

· Easy boarding
· Top Class bed size & Storage
inside of truck's cockpit with wide beach view


· Ergonomic layout
· Luxurious interior material
· Air type steering tilting
front image of xcient tracktor

Incredible design

· Aero-dynamic style
· Majestic and stable image
· Refined exterior design
image of an engine


· Increased fuel efficiency
· Engine torque up
· Enhanced Cabin strength
illustration of suspension and shock absorbers in the cab


· Integrated spring & shock absorber
· Enlarged shock absorber size
· Lateral shock absorber
· 'V' arm radius rod
several tires attached to a steel frame

Trusted durability

· Frame type body structure
· High tensile steel frame
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