Xcient goes up a rocky mountain path

Class-leading performance and optimized fuel efficiency

With its improved fuel efficiency. Xcient is guaranteed for maximum practicability and efficiency.
image of D6HB38 engine

H engine (D6HB38)

· Max. power: 380 ps
· Max. Torque: 160 kg·m
· Displacement: 9,960 cc
· Euro 3
image of powertec D6CC41 engine

Powertec engine (D6CC41)

· Max. power: 410 ps
· Max. Torque: 188 kg·m
· Displacement: 12,920 cc
· Euro 4
image of D6AC engine

Q engine (D6AC)

· Max. power: 340 ps
· Max. Torque: 140 kg·m
· Displacement: 11,149 cc
· Euro 1
image of retarder attached to a gear box


This retarder system not only reduces the maintenance cost of a vehicle but also drastically improves driving safety and brake performance by increasing the life of the brake lining. (option)
illustration of suspension and absorbers in the truck's cab

Cabin Suspension

· Front cab suspension: Integrated spring and shock absorber, enlarged shock absorber size generate lower vibration and better absorption of up/down pitching.
· Lateral shock absorber applied lower left & right vibration
air suspension mounted to rear axle

Rear air suspension 4 x 2 tractor

Automatic (ECAS) 4-bag type air-suspension
side view of air suspension, axle and hub

Automatic (ECAS) 4-bag type air-suspension

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