front view of Xcient runs on snow-covered road

The reliable and trustworthy durability

front view of Xcient runs on snow-covered field

Durability (extreme low-temperature tests)

To apply powerful durability as much as possible, Xcient has completed extreme low-temperature tests in Ivalo, Finland and proved its strong power and durability.
rear view of Xcient tracktor

Durability (structure)

Xcient maintains structural durability under any road condition due to its robust design that extensively applied structured cab and high-tensile steel.
illustration of ABS working without slip

Anti-locking brake system (ABS) with ASR (Anti-slip regulator)

Anti-locking brake system (ABS) brings the vehicle to a safe, controlled stop and is particularly advantageous whilst driving under slippery road conditions. The driver can apply maximum pressure on the brake pedal without worrying about wheel lock, skidding and subsequent loss of control. With ABS/ASR, the driver can maintain full directional stability of the vehicle at all times and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
front frame and chassis with several tires

Front frame & high-tensile chassis

The roll forming method was applied to the high-tensile frame and by increasing the length between frames up to 60 mm, it ensures driving comfort as well as excellent vehicle handling performance.
image of collision test with inflated air bag

Driver side airbag

Raising the standard for truck driver safety, the airbag is an extra-large design. Measuring 65L in capacity, it is highly effective at reducing the risk of serious injury (65 L).
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