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Investors News

Addition of an Affiliated Company

2004.11.02 No. 266

1. Affiliated Company
    (1) Name of Company : DaeKyung Chemical Corp.
    (2) Representative : Yoon, Kyung Soo
    (3) Total assets : KRW 61,228,607,342
    (4) Total Liability : KRW 71,666,646,734
    (5) Total Shareholder's Equity : KRW -10,438,039,392
    (6) Paid-in capital : KRW 11,666,215,000
    (7) Business Areas : Manufacture & Sale of Automobile Parts

2. Name of Company Group : Hyundai Motor Group

3. Reason for Addition :
Affiliation through the Acquisition of shares of the company

4. Shareholding of major shareholders after addition : 55.34%

5. Number of Affiliated Companies after addition :
- 104 companies

6. Date of Addition : November 2, 2004

7. Others :
    i) The financial data in #1 above are as of the end of FY 2003.
    ii) The acquisition of shares above is not an acquisition by Hyundai Motor Company(HMC), but by WIA Corporation, which is an affiliate of HMC.
iii) The number of affiliated companies in #5 above include both domestic and overseas affiliates (including subsidiaries of the affiliates).
iv) The date of addition in #6 above is the acceptance date of the notice sent by the Korea Fair Trade Commission, concerning "limit on total amount of equity investments" of business groups.

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