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Addition of an Affiliated Company

2005.03.22 No. 315
1.Affiliated Company
(1) Name of Company : GLOVIS SLOVAKIA,s.r.o.
(2) Representative : Matin Letko
(3) Total Assets : KRW 6,894,628
(4) Total Shareholder ’s Equity : KRW 6,894,628
(5) Paid-in capital : KRW 6,894,628
(6) Business Areas : Production / procurement logistics and logistic operation of Automobiles
2.Name of Company Group : Hyundai Motor Group
3.Reason for Addition : Addition of an affiliated company through the establishment of an overseas subsidiary by GLOVIS, which is an affiliate of Hyundai Motor Company.
4.Shareholding of Major Shareholders and Others after Addition : 100.0%
5.Number of Affiliated Companies after Addition : - 115 companies
6.Date of Addition(Internal Decision Date) : March 22, 2005
7.Others :
i) The expected amount of investment by GLOVIS is EUR 5,200.
ii) The number of affiliated companies in #5 above include both domestic and overseas affiliates (including subsidiaries of the affiliates).
iii) The decision date in #6 is the acceptance date of the notice document for the establishment of overseas subsidiary companies.
vi) The above contents may be subject to change depending on government approvals, authorization process, and other situations of the related countries(both Slovakia and Korea).
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