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Addition of an Affiliated Company

2005.12.01 No. 396
1.Affiliated Company
(1) Name of Company : Partecs
(2) Representative : Choon-Nam Lee
(3) Total Assets : KRW 40,000,000,000
(4) Total Liabilities : -
(5) Total Shareholder’s Equity : KRW 40,000,000,000
(6) Paid-in capital : KRW 40,000,000,000
(7) Business Areas : Manufacture and Sale of Automotive Parts
2.Name of Company Group : Hyundai Motor Group
3.Reason for Addition : Addition of an affiliated company resulting from investment for a new establishment.
4.Shareholding of Major Shareholders and Others after Addition : 100.00%
5.Number of Affiliated Companies after addition :
- 142 companies
6.Date of Addition : December 01, 2005
7.Others :
- The number of affiliated companies in #5 above include both domestic and overseas affiliates (including subsidiaries of the affiliates).
- The addition date in #6 above is the acceptance date of the notice document for companies that are applicable under the Group Investments Regulations Committee by the Fair Trade Commission.
* Equal announcement obligation for affiliated company
1.Stock Market
Kia Motors Corporation, Hyundai Mobis, INI Steel Company, KASCO, Hyundai Hysco, BNG Steel, Hyundai Autonet
2.KOSDAQ Market
Eco Plastic Corporation
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