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Business and Management Plan (Grandeur)

2011.01.14 No. 663

Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure date   :            January 13, 2011
Disclosure title   :            Business and Management Plan (Grandeur)

* The following information concerns company’s future plans and may be subject to change.

1. Project Title                               :            New product launching (Grandeur)

2. Project Description
a) Objective                     :            Development and sales of a new model

b) Product features         :          
- Grand & Progressive design based on concept of ‘Grand Glide’
- Equipped with Lambda II 3.0 GDI engine for the first time in domestic market
(Maximum output : 270ps / Maximum torque : 31.6kg m)
              - Application of the most advanced specification for convenience
         (Advanced Smart Cruise Control / Smart Parking Assistance System, etc.)

c) Investment amount      :           
- Development cost of KRW 450 billion
- Development period of 42 months

d) Sales volume target     :           
- Domestic 80,000 / Overseas 20,000 (2011)
- Domestic and Overseas Total 120,000 (2012)

3. Date of Board Decision                         :            January 13, 2011

4. Notes
a) Sales volume target may be subject to change depending on business condition and market environment
b) The date of board decision is the date of media announcement of new model launching
c) For more information, please refer to the Hyundai Motor Company homepage at

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