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Business and Management Plan

2006.09.19 No. 451

1. Type of plan : New Product Unveiling for TRAGO
2. Contents
- Unvailing of TRAGO
i) Period of R&D : 3 Years
ii) Total R&D expense : KRW 80,000,000,000
iii) Product slogan :
Announcement for the luxury brand age of Truck
iv) Features :
1)Enhancement of fuel efficiency
2)Extension of warranty period
3)Platinum service
v) After launching of new model, , 7 models out of 3 kinds of trucks, which are 25t cargo, 6x2 tractor, and 25.5t dump truck etc, are going to be sold in full-scale

vi) Expected effects(Target) :
1) Target to achieve 60% market share of Korea heavy commercial vehicle market
2) Expand to penetrate overseas commercial vehicle market
3) Achievement of 100,000 units’ sales for commercial
vehicle in 2010
3. Date of news release : September 19, 2006
4. Decision Date (BOD Resolution Date): September 19, 2006
5. Others :
- The “Expected effects” in #2 above data may be subject to change depending on external business circumstances and other conditions.
- The “Decision Date” in the #4 is the date of press release.
- For more information, please refer to the Hyundai Motor Company homepage (

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