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Business Plan

2003.09.08 No. 187

1. Type of Business Plan: Strategic alliance with an overseas corporation

2. Schedule: Commence production after a 3~4 year development period following the contract agreement

3. Description of Business Plan :
    - Purpose of Plan : An alliance with the German company, ZF, in order to adopt the
    development of 6-speed transmissions
    - Estimated Investment Amount : Approximately KRW 100,000,000,000
    (joint development budget about KRW 50,000,000,000)
    - Expected Result : Cultivate domestic development capability unique technology in
    the newest generation of 6-speed automatic transmissions & Improve sales through
    the improvement in the basic quality of mid and large segment vehicles

4. Potential Impediments to Plan : -

5. Board Resolution Date : September 08, 2003 (MOU conclusion date)

6. Others :
    - The situation above is in the MOU contract stage and may be subject to change;
    A re-announcement is expected to be released at time of contract

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