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Business Plan and Management Plan

2005.03.02 No. 307
1. Type of plan : New Product Unveiling for TG
(a follow-up replacement to Grandure XG)
2. Objective of plan : Development and sales of a new model
3. Launching Information :
- Launching planned for July 2005 in the European market
- Currently, no concrete decisions have been made for Korea.
4. Contents : Plan for new model “TG” launching
- overseas : March 2, 2005 (Korea Local time)
(Unveiling at Geneva Motor Show)
- Korea : Plan to introduce during 2 nd Quarter 2005
5. Expected Effects : By expanding sales in the European market through the contribution of high value-added vehicles sales, the company will enhance brand value and expand global presence, as well as minimize currency risks through market differentiation.
6. Date of News Report Release : March 02, 2005
7. Others :
- The above details are announcements in accord with the fair disclosure regulations, rsulting from an overseas motorshow exhibition, and the company will pursue a subsequent announcement following a new product launching event in Korea.
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