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CEO Investor Day

2020.12.14 No. 948

CEO Investor Day

Future Business · Management Plans

 The following is a future strategy,   which may be subject to change.
1. Title of Business PlanHyundai Motor Company Mid- to Long-term Financial Target and Investement   Plan
2. Details of Plan and Activity SchedulePurposeGuidline for Mid- to Long-term Profitability and Investment   plan
Details of Plan
Update financial target and investment plan announced at 2019   CEO Investor day, given change of business environment.
 · Operating Profit   Margin Target for Automotive Division :
   4~5% (2021)
· Mid- to Long-term Operating   Profit Margin Target for
Automotive Division : 5.5% (2022),   8% (2025) 
· Mid- to Long-term   ROE Target for Automotive Divison :
7.5% (2022), 9.5% (2025)
· Mid-to Long-term   Investment Plan : 
 About 60.1 trillion KRW for 6 years. (2020~2025) 
     (36.6   trillion KRW for Current Business and
      23.5   trillion KRW for Future Techonologies such as 
 Electrification, Hydrogen Business, Mobility, Autonomous Driving)
Proposed ScheduleFrom-
Expected Investment Amount (KRW)About 60.1 trillion KRW for 6 years (2020~2025)
Expected Results
·   Improve   Profitability through strong business competitiveness
· Create New Business   opportunity through timely investment in future technology
· Imrpove corporate   and sharehoders’ value through enhancement of core competitiveness and business   performance
3. Potential Difficulties in Implementation-
4. Date of Board Resolution (Decision Date)2020-12-10
5. Details of Information ReleasedInformation ProvidersIR Team
Information RecipientsInvestors, Reporters
Date & Time of Information Released2020-12-10
Title and Place of Event heldCEO Investor Day, Website Posting, News 
6. Contact PointsIR Team
7. Other references useful for making investment    decisions
Expected disclosure date of progress-
 Title and date of other disclosure related   to this one

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