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Conversion of Overseas Depositary Receipts (DRs) into Underlying Shares

2003.12.22 No. 203
[daily details of application for conversion]                 (unit : share)

Application Date Applicant Type of DRs Number of DRs applied for conversion Number of shares to be delivered
- - - - -
Class of DRs Numberof shares to be delivered Balance of DRs at previous disclosure date Number of DRs converted since previous disclosure date Balance of DRs at current disclosure date
1 Preferred Shares (GDR) - 4,565,431 - 4,690,048
2 Preferred Shares (GDR) 80,432 1,117,044 80,432 1,036,612
Common Shares (GDR) 3,066,545 5,958,595 3,066,545 2,892,050

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