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Equity Investment in Major Shareholder

2003.06.12 No. 176
1. Name of invested company: Hyundai Card Co., Ltd.

- Relationship with company: Affiliated company

2. Contents of investment

- Expected date of investment: June 25, 2003

- Object of investment: 39,039,782 registered common shares
of Hyundai Card Co., Ltd.

- Investment amount: KRW 195,198,910,000

- Total accumulated investment amount: KRW 394,460,321,520

3. Purpose of investment:
Participation in rights offering

4. Date of board resolution: June 12, 2003

- 3 out of 4 outside directors were present.

- 3 out of 3 auditors were present.

5. Applicability of Korean Fair Trade Act : YES

6. Others:

- The above investment amount is at KRW 5,000 per share.

- Method of increase is equal rights offering to existing

- Detail matters other than the above are to be delegated to
the Representative Director.

- The above stated may be subject to change depending on the
detailed schedule.
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