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Equity Investment in Major Shareholder

2005.02.17 No. 305
1. Accumulated investment amount in recipient concerned in 2005(A): KRW 28,153,000,000
- Shareholders' Equity(B): KRW 12,497,925,000,000
- Ratio (A/B):0.23%
2. Applicability of Korean Fair Trade Act : No
3. Others : Shareholders' Equity in #1 above is as of the end of 2003.
[Details of investment]
Name of investment recipient: Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH(HMETC)
1. Relationship with company : Affiliate(a local overseas subsidiary)
2. Investment amount : KRW 28,153,000,000
3. Method of Investment : -
4. Object of investment : -
5. Decision Date : February 17, 2005
6. Others :
   Total investment amount in HMETC : KRW 49,012,750
7. Total shareholding in HMETC: 100%
   i) The investment above is in the form of the investment
   in kind Europe with asset held by Hyundai Motor Company
   according as Hyundai Motor Technical Center GmbH is
   being a business corporation.
   The object of investment is machinery and equipment, tools,
   furniture for computer and leasehold deposit etc.

   ii) The investment amount in #2 above is based on the
   exchange rates for January 1, 2005(KRW 1,405.41 / 1 EURO).
   iii) The date of evaluation for the investment in kind :
   January 01, 2005
   iv) The decision date in #5 above is the internal decision date.    v) Total shareholding and total investment amount in HMETC
   mentioned in #6 above is including the amount of EURO 15,000,000,
   which is disclosed on December 7, 2004 and the investment
   in kind stated in #2 above. vi) The above contents are subject to change depending on government
   approvals, authorization process and market conditions of the
   related countries (both Germany and Korea).
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