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Guarantee of Debt Payment for Major shareholder

2006.03.29 No. 422
1.Name of debtor(major shareholder): Hyundai Motor Japan (HMJ)
- Relationship with Company : Affiliated Overseas Subsidiary
2. Details of Guaranteed Debt :
- Amount of guarantee concerned : KRW 8,278,600,000
- Contents of principal debts : Extension of Credit Line Guarantee
- Period of guarantee : March 31, 2006 ~ March 30, 2007
- Name of creditor : Hana Bank Tokyo Branch
- Accumulated balance of debt payment guarantee for HMJ for CY 2005(excluding the amounts stated in previous announcement for said debtor concerned) : KRW 8,278,600,000
- Shareholder’s Equity as of end of 2004 : KRW 13,365,111,000,000
- Total Amount of Guarantee for debtor concerned (HMJ) : KRW 33,114,400,000
3. Decision Date : March 29, 2006
4. Others:
- The “Shareholder’s Equity as of end of 2004” in #2 above represents the amount approved at the 37 th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders(March 04,2005) reflecting the effects of Kia Motors Corporation’s(a subsidiary under Hyundai Motor Company) change in its accounting policy
- The guarantee amount above is based on the transaction exchange rates for March 29, 2006(KRW 8.2786 / 1 JPY).
- The “Amount of Guarantee Concerned” in #2 above is based on the borrowing limit for HMJ (JPY 1,000,000,000), and may be subject to change after reflecting the related interests and commissions.
- The decision date in #3 is the acceptance date of guarantee contract report.
- The “Accumulated balance of debt payment guarantee for HMJ” in #2 above includes the said guarantee of debt payment concerned above(KRW 8,278,600,000).
- The above contents may be subject to change depending on government approvals, authorization process, and market situations of the related countries.
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