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Guidance for 2022

2022.01.26 No. 1000


Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure Title : Guidance for 2022


 The following is a future strategy, which may be subject to change.

1. Title of Business Plan

 Guidance for 2022

2. Details of Plan and Activity Schedule


 Improve understanding for investors with 

 disclosure of business plan for 2022

Details of Plan

 Direction and major business plan for 2022 

 inclduing sales, profitability and investment.

 · Sales volume target : 4.32 Million Units

 · Sales revenue growth target (Consolidated basis) 

    13~14% level 

 · Operating margin target (Consolidated basis) : 

     5.5~6.5% level

· Investment plan : 9.2 trillion KRW

Proposed Schedule





Expected Investment Amount (KRW)

 9.2 trillion

Expected Results

 Provide reference for investors with 

 disclosure of business guidance for 2022

3. Potential Difficulties in Implementation


4. Date of Board Resolution (Decision Date)


5. Details of Information Released

Information Providers

 IR Team

Information Recipients

 Investors, Reporters

Date & Time of Information Released


Title and Place of Event held

 Business results annoucement for 4Q 2021

6. Contact Points

 IR Team

7. Other references useful for making investment decisions

- “Details of Plan and Activity Schedule” in #2 above may be changed depending on change in business environment and business plan. 

- “Date of Board Resolution (Decision Date)” in #4 is based on the date of providing the information.

- Related materials are available for download on IR website – IR Calender (

Expected disclosure date of progress


 Title and date of other disclosure related to this one

 2022 Business Plan (Disclosed on Jan. 4th, 2022)


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