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Hyundai`s Santa Fe Selected As Protocol Vehicle for Africa`s Summit Meeting

2001.07.23 No. 81
Hyundai Motor Company provided 61 Santa Fe SUV models for the Organization of African Unity Summit Meeting held in early July. Hyundai won the open bidding to provide protocol vehicles to the Zambia government that hosted the summit meeting and the 2.4 litre diesel 4WD Santa Fe`s performed courtesy duties for delegates. The Santa Fe models performed faultlessly and provided a great advertising opportunity through the media covering the summit that is expected to increase sales in all the African countries. Hyundai Motor Company exported 17,364 vehicles to Africa last year, and expects to export 23,800 vehicles there in 2001. The increased exposure and enhanced image due to the summit will help the company reach this year`s export goal. The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was established on May 25, 1963 in Ethiopia and has 52 member countries. The OAU deals with issues such as Africa`s independence, prohibiting colonization, and exchange of economy and politics between member countries.
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