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Hyundai Sales Increase at Home and Abroad for April 2002

2002.05.02 No. 134

Domestic passenger car sales are 33,537 vehicles 5.8 percent up on compare to 31,700 sales March 2002. In the first four months 117,992 vehicles were sold compared to 108,396, 8.9% up on same period of last year.

Domestic RV and SUV sales are up by 51.2 percent from 40,156 during first four months of 2001 to 60,704 this year.

Commercial vehicles up

The total sales of bus in first four months of 2002 were 36,441 up to 15% from 31,680 compared to same period of 2001, and truck sales reached 47,972 and also increased 26.6% up compared to 37,878 of the same period of last year.
Commercial vehicles sales were up in April at 23,731, and it represented a 7.2 percent increase over March`s total of 22,128. For the first four months sales were 84,413, a 21.4 percent increase over for the same period of last year when the figure was 69,558.
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