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Increase of Net Income exceeding 30% or more (15% or more in the case of large-sized corporation) Compared with that of the Latest fiscal Year

2004.02.13 No. 213
1. Increase in net income: KRW 305,825,952,320
    - Ratio of net income increase : 21.1%
    - Net income in the current fiscal year : KRW 1,749,371,443,834
    - Net income in the previous fiscal year : KRW 1,443,545,491,514

2. Cause for increase:
    - Enhanced business efficiency & Increased sales of high value-added vehicles.

3. Total asset at the end of the previous fiscal year :
    - KRW 20,867,272,932,816

4. Others :
    - The above data may be subject to change depending on the results of the audit

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