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Increase of Sales Revenue in `2002 from `2001

2003.02.14 No. 160

1. Increase amount: KRW 3,831,830,000,000 (17.0%)
   (1) Sales revenue in `2001: KRW 22,505,092,000,000
   (2) Sales revenue in `2002: KRW 26,336,922,000,000

2. Reason for increase: Increase in sales by the growth of selling high value added

3. Total assets in `2001: KRW 19,632,846,238,490

4. Others:
   (1) The amount less than one million is omitted.
   (2) The above amount may be changed depending on the results of the auditor`s
   review and of the annual general meeting of shareholders.

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