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Investment in an affiliate company

2012.09.17 No. 755
Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure date    :  September 17, 2012
Disclosure title  :  Investment in an affiliate company

1. Affiliate: Hyundai Kefico

2. Investment Detail
            A. Date of Investment: 1st – September 27, 2012 / 2nd – October 30, 2012
            B. Investment Target:     1st – Hyundai Kefico 10,000,000 Common Shares
                                                                      2nd – Hyundai Kefico  5,000,000 Common Shares
            C. Investment Amount:     1st – 100 Billion Korean Won
                                                                      2nd – 50 Billion Korean Won
            D. Total Paid-in Capital increase of Kefico:   
                                                                      1st – 120.9 Billion Korean Won
                                                                      2nd – 170.9 Billion Korean Won

3. Purpose of Investment: Participate in Paid-In Capital Increase

4. Resolution date of Board of Directors: September 15, 2012
            A. Attendance of outside Directors: 5 out of 5
            B. Attendance of Auditors: Yes

5. Others
            A. The above is for our participations in each of two Paid-in capital increases
            B. The investment date in #2 is the date of payment of stocks
            C. The above contents may be subject to change    depending on procedures of paid-in capital increase or related legislations.
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